Kia ora, Welcome.

I’m Bec.
I’m probably like you really, I value the beautiful place I live in, which happens to be the exceedingly beautiful pacific isles of New Zealand.

When I’m not stuck behind a desk, I like to spend as much time as I can outdoors, walking in the bush, ski-ing, visiting lakes, picnic-ing and knitting in scenic locations. I’m pretty keen on travelling to far-flung places too. My travel destinations are usually motivated by either amazing landscapes, culture and/or food.

Given that I value the environment I live in I’m pretty keen to ensure it has the opportunity to thrive and be enjoyed for many generations to come.

In 2014 I had the pleasure of working on an exhibition project for NZ IceFest that highlighted the past, present and future projected impacts of climate change from Antarctica, to New Zealand and much further abroad. I worked with a whole host of NZ’s top Antarctic scientists to understand the issues and attempt to present them to the general public. I was massively heartened to hear from scientists that every individual doing something towards lessening their impact on climate change would and could make a difference. Not to mention we also need some fairly significant changes to policy and ‘business as usual’ mentality – the latter is hugely important (and I’ll be doing as much as I can to support great initiatives at a community and national level). However, for the purposes of this blog I’ll be focusing on sharing ways we can easily, and in an everyday manner, lessen our impact and feel pretty good in doing so!

I’m pretty passionate about this stuff, but honestly I think I could be doing a lot more than I currently am.
One area I really need to improve in is the amount of food waste I generate. I’m appalled at how much goes in the compost bin at the end of the week.

So, with this blog I aim to share the things I’m learning (and doing!) in order to be progressively more awesome at living a sustainable life (whatever that actually is).

Here you’ll find practical everyday tips on how to live more sustainably, with respect to both the environment, the people living within it while not putting a massive dent in your wallet in the process. Living sustainably needs to be sustainable afterall, and that includes financially.
(Incidentally I’d be super keen to dispel the myth that living more sustainably is wholly more expensive. It’s like anything we have choices)

I would love to see this blog evolve into a two way conversation. If you’ve got something to share, a comment on a post, a recommendation for a future post or just want to say ‘hey’, please do! We’re all in this together!

I’m also keen to share with you my latest project – Sustainable Fashion – recently launched as part of my Sustainable Projects collaboratory – a business space for collaboration and experimentation. Check it out!